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Poems on sport

commissioned poems
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Need a special poem for a sporty friend. Be original.
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In Snooker it's known as a pocket,
In football they call it a goal,
But "Game, set and mattch"
Is hardly a patch
On that thing known in golf as a "HOLE".

To the layman it's absolute rubbish,
He wouldn't know how to begin it;
To the Golfer, his soul
Is that little round hole,
And the little white ball that goes in it.

To the golfer football is barbaric
So let them get on with it their way,
For there's naught like the swing
And the click and the zing!
As the ball disappears down the fairway.

To the golfer there's nothing to beat it,
To them Golf is second to none,
And they dream every night
email for the last two lines!


You are welcome to use an existing poem if it fits the bill, but just to give me some feedback, please email Time for Rhyme for the last two lines.

Poems/ditties, usual charge £20; please email for details on non-standard requirements.

Rosamund Browne
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